Silicone Lanyard

Goals,   favorable penalties , one against… the goalkeeper make a great catch. The emotion in the playing field is uncontrollable. We wished to keep any moment with ours smartphones to revive or sharing that memories. But sometimes such a passion, play us a bad turn. The phone slip out our hands and … Well.. Everyone knows how the story ends…  in the technical repair service.

From C2 TRENDLAB we present a practical solution… A silicon lanyard customizable with your team colors and shield. Adjustable to all smartphones sizes with a small pocket to hold your club membership card. You can show off your passion with it without any risk, knowing your phone will be completely save.


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LED cork stopper

During Christmas time most of us love being surrounded by their beloved ones, eating exquisite meals and celebrating countless traditions. Unfortunately everything has an end, and as such we may get a bit melancholic…
Our TREND LAB brings you a beautiful idea to uplift your client’s mood so that they may end up not missing any of the Christmas decorations. Inspiration comes in the form of a led light bottle cap, which will transform the empty bottles they recently emptied into cozy lamps. What a great excuse to keep smiling until the spring arrival!

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Smart Buzzer

There is something we all have in common in a bar, and not unfortunately being loyal to these brands that promote their products so well.. One way or another, we end up spending longer time than necessary waiting to be served at the bar. Looking at the other’s drinks in and out.. seems like our turn never comes! Tons of clients, loud conversations… and very little results! A renowned vodka brand decided to help their end users betting for our TREND LAB’s new idea to solve the issue… and eureka! C2 SOURCING presents the “smart buzzer” that will help us ordering our favorite drinks from distance. Here on out no waiter will put on hold those guys eager to drink that brand that, now more than ever, knows how to “claim” their attention…

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Silicon bottle cap

Tired of throwing away that half beer you popped yesterday? C2 Sourcing brings your users we a very cool and practical solution… A funny customizable silicon rubber cap for beer bottles. A very well welcomed product for the drinkers of a very well known beer brand from Belgium, that was recently included it as a promotional gift in their last customer loyalty oriented campaign. They ended up describing it as “a perfect merchandising object”. Easy to take home, with years lifespan, and available in diverse colors. Perfect little source of cool brand recognitions.

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Led Sneakers Glorifier


Sport brands are always in continue innovation and change. New models, materials, styles… Customers require continous new stimuli. Aware of the challenge, Agy suggested this groundbreaking sneakers glorifier concept for a multitudinary event in Germany. None of the products there reached the level of attention as the ones shown on this exquisite display. Minimalistic, lighted and powerfull as the brand wished to project.

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